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                           Photograph by Peter Nash

Making art and music came naturally to me as a child, together they guided the course of my life's work.

I attended the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, California (1966-69). Intensive studies included: drawing, painting, typography and photography, with a major in graphic design. My first job in the professional arts field began in 1977 as an in-house art director at Warner Bros. Records in Burbank, California. I was responsible for creative direction and hands-on design of record album covers, multimedia product packaging and related print advertising materials.

In 1996, I made the change from twenty years of full-time employment in the corporate world of the recording industry to becoming a fully dedicated craft artist, working primarily in wood.

All pieces are one-of-a-kind, they consist primarily of lathe-turned wood vessels (in a variety of shapes and sizes), some with lids and/or complimentary support elements. Applied surface design techniques include: freehand drawing, pyrography (woodburning), carving, engraving, along with additional paints, pigments and ink. The process develops intuitively, each piece may be reworked several times until the desired overall appearance of balance, counter balance, rhythm and resolve is achieved.